Our Mission

In today’s Christian world, there are so many different churches and statements of belief that many people are discouraged that anyone teaches the original Gospel message. How can Christians be teaching Truth when everyone disagrees with everyone else? Our aim is to examine the clear simple teachings of the Gospel message – directly from accurate translations of the whole Bible – Genesis to Revelation. We aim to expose pagan ideas that have infiltrated Christianity and become enshrined as Church Tradition. It is not surprising that false teachings have been adopted into Christianity for even in the time of the Apostles, false teachings were creeping in (2 Timothy 4:1-4; Galatians 1:6-9).

Some of the questions we have asked are, “How was the Gospel Preached to Abraham?”, “When will Abraham receive his Promises and how do they relate to Jesus Christ, and to us?”, “What was the Hope of the Old Testament Faithful?”, “What was the Hope that Jesus and the Apostles preached?” , “What was the Hope of the Apostle Paul?”, “How was Jesus the First-fruits of the Resurrection?” “Was Jesus’ body raised physically?”, “Will Jesus Return Visibly?”, “How and when do we receive Immortality?”… and many more.

For those of you who love to do your own Bible study, we have added handouts and worksheets to assist you in researching relevant passages, and occasionally examining the original Greek or Hebrew words. Please write in with your questions, make comments, suggest helpful articles or You Tube presentations and be part of our quest for BIBLE TRUTH.

One thought on “Our Mission

  1. Hi, Im enjoying your working out the scriptures and your understanding of hell being the grave. Of course it is, from Eden it has always been the wages of sin is death.
    The gospel and hope is to remain alive 🙂
    Christ pays our wages, death for us, in His death. Thankfully He is sinless. It is our sin that puts Him in the grave, His sinless life takes Him out of it and thus in Adam we are under condemnation of death, in the second Adam we are under the gift of life 🙂

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